Wild Woman

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Wild Woman Is Home - Coming Soon!

About the Book

Crazy Woman is an archetypal figure who exists in the collective unconscious. She is the shadow side of the wise woman in the forest, ‘crazy,’ in the rumors and stories that get spread about her. Crazy Woman arises when we do not or cannot honor our inner Wise Woman. Crazy Woman comes out when we have had enough. What happens in the stories when people do not heed the wisdom of the wise hermit witch? It often doesn’t turn out well for those protagonists. Dr. Carola Pinkola Estes introduces the archetype of feral woman in her bestseller, “Women Who Run with Wolves.” Feral woman was once, “in her rightful wild mind,” but due to a series of events and experiences, she reverts to an untamed state without a solid connection to the instincts that kept her alive and safe to this point. Our assertion is that Crazy Woman is one of the many faces of Feral Woman. Life trauma has morphed her instincts to the degree that she overreacts, underreacts, freezes, panics. Crazy Woman Has Left the House and Wild Woman is Home is our ode to Crazy and Wild Woman, a song dedicated to the personal path of transmuting trauma into purpose and joy.