Wild Woman

Coming Soon from Wild Spirit Wave!

Coming Soon from Wild Spirit Wave…

A must-read book to
embrace your wild nature
and let your light shine

This book was born on a morning when I began to release blame and guilt, both of myself and of others. In this moment, I acknowledged that I was 100% in charge of my own life and future. Realizing that it was in my power to release these negative emotions, was the moment I first birthed this book. When I sat writing this, a gecko was crawling on my foot. It was eating the mosquitoes that were feeding on my blood as I wrote this book. I was in the universal flow. It’s from that place of deep love and connection that I dedicate this book to all women who share in what I call ‘crazy’ experiences. And to all those who search for a way to move forward into acting and living with consciousness, integrating our crazy and embracing our inner wild woman.


This book is for you if…

…you have dedicated yourself to breaking trauma cycles in this lifetime and in your lineage.
…there have been times in your life when pain took the wheel and you are ready to get back in the driver’s seat.
…you’ve ever been called ‘crazy’ or been made to feel like your feelings were ‘dramatic’ or an ‘overreaction’.
…you’ve suspected that a physical practice is crucial in our return to wholeness.

We hold space for a tribe of women who are done being dismissed as ‘crazy,’ and ready to honor their pain on the path towards embracing their wild woman selves.

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The Authors

Patricia Rockwood, MA


Patricia has long been a practitioner of the shamanic arts, the oldest form of spirituality known to humankind…Read More

Viviana Nielbylski, MA

Editor & Contributing Author

Viviana completed her undergraduate studies at Sarah Lawrence College, with a focus on music, environmental…Read More


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